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I started writing London Bride as I was fascinated with wedding day style and trends. I love the creativity, the fashion, the ideas and inspiration so naturally I'm a tad fascinated by wedding day trends. Over the last two years throughout my hours upon hours of research, I've seen lots of trends come and go and some that have stuck around so I thought I'd have some fun and write a wedding trend forecast for 2011 with my own predictions of what I hope and think we might be seeing over the next year from weddings. By no means am I saying this is what should be happening, as I believe each to their own however whether we are aware of it or not, trends are purely a pattern of what is popular and that is really all I'm looking at here.

I'll be adding new trends all this week on the blog, and whilst I may like the sound of my own voice, I thought you might all get bored of me blabbering on, so I've also asked some of the most fabulous and creative wedding industry experts that I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few years for their insight too. You'll be able to read all about what they say later this week so do check back again then.

I have also taken this as an opportunity to feature the work of some of the fantastic UK photographers out there, so hopefully you'll enjoy the imagery too! 

Ceremonies and Receptions

Given that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding is going to take place at Westminster Abbey I think we will see more couples considering church weddings. They can be more sentimental for couples and their family and can reflect the true meaning of marriage more than having a civil ceremony in a licensed venue.  The beautiful dramatic backdrop is romantic and they are also fairly budget friendly (under £350), couples then have a broad choice of venue for their reception afterwards.

Town Hall weddings within cities, especially London are really increasing in popularity with many couples opting to have just a few friends and family attend and then a party reception either the same day or day after. It’s a nod back to the rock n roll days of celebrities tying the knot in a low key manner at Chelsea Old Town Hall on the Kings Road (where London Bride's parents got wed!), but other Town Halls such as Islington and Old Marylebone are also seeing more couples marry there. I think they are a great choice for modern urban or retro weddings and make for some fabulous confetti shots on the steps outside. Just add a London or Vintage bus to transport your guests and you have the whole city at your feet for the wedding party location. 

image credit: Devlin Photos

image credit: Browns Photography

They used to be seen as a bit plain and traditional but marquee’s, yurts and tents are going to be growing in popularity in the next few years because of their flexibility. Although not as cheap as people initially think, because they are a blank canvas, couples willing to put a bit of time into the planning can be quite creative with the space. Whether it's a single one or three joined together, they can hold a large and unique reception with their choice of catering, fabulous decoration and quirky DIY touches unlike the larger ‘all in one venues’ where you have less control over all these and are more restricted. 

Budget brides, who may have had their ceremony at a church or town hall, will hold their receptions at gastro pubs or fine dining restaurants, as they are the perfect intimate setting for a smaller number of guests. It also allows for great food and budget DIY touches with props and handmade flower arrangements.  

 image credit: Caught The Light

  image credit: Emma Case Photography

   image credit: Emma Case Photography

Being restricted in the UK on where and when you can legally get married, couples who are looking for something unique will opt for a humanist wedding. The versatility of being able to have a personal ceremony with your own vows and to marry outdoors especially during the summer months will mean that until licence laws change, a humanist ceremony is a great option.  

 image credit: David McNeil Photography

  image credit: Emma Case Photography

I think we’ll see an increase in elopements due to financial concerns for some couples, who have a focus on marriage more than the wedding itself.  With the average UK wedding apparently costing £20K it’s a luxury that many can’t stretch to and the pressures perhaps from friends and family may cause them to travel away or abroad somewhere for a private ceremony.  

   image credit: Lillian and Leonard


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