dress crush {café & ruffles}

Style :
You may have seen me rave on about this Justin Alexander dress that I had a major crush on. Well, I've found a few competitors which are teasing me somewhat with their oodles of ruffles and prettiness.

Ian Stuart's Swan Lake is from his latest daring collection, Revolution Rocks! Which by the way if you want some inspiration on head over to see the shoot that Rock n Roll Bride did in Paris with a few of the dresses, if you've not already seen it!  I so so love this dress as I am partial to those above the knee ~ what with me being ickle and also just way easier to dance in. The ruffles make me melt, I love a bit of texture and with a name like swan lake, who wouldn't feel like a pretty ballerina wearing this?

Controversially this isn't a dress available in the UK {yet, pretty please someone start stocking them!} but it's by designers, Amsale who I have long admired, specifically their little white dress collection.  Well girls, say hello to Dahlia from their Blue Label Collection. Isn't she just lovely? In her creamy café colour {clearly this is becoming a bit of a theme with my dress crushes} she too has ruffles and is elegant with her florals and certainly more statement with her volume of skirt. I love that the bodice is simple but incredibly flattering and then va va voom, it's just rufflicious. Oh and Dahlia's do happen to be one of my favourite flowers so it must be fate, right? The nearest stockist is Petticoat Lane in Ireland, maybe when I next visit my best friend over there I can take a slight detour...


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