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Those who follow me on twitter will know that last week, I was invited to the Luxottica press day to view the new collections of my favorite accessories; The sunnies!
I love press days and events like this because above all, I get together with other fellow blogger friends and truth is, we are becoming a close bunch, which is one of my favorite things about being a blogger, all the amazing people I have met.

It was so hard to choose any favorites and I noticed that a lot of brands are doing the aviator look for next season (just like the Ray.Bans above) ... I guess they picked up on the trend, so now we just have to match them with our aviator shearling jackets :P.

I must say that I loved so many of the new models but I will stick to the aviator theme for now, as I have already a lot of oversized sunnies.

Lucky for me, as I was leaving, I was given a goodie bag with my favorite pair of Ray.Ban aviators. I remember my dad having a similar pair when I was a child, I used to ask him to please let me wear them and ever since then, I always wanted a pair just like it... Lucky girl, now I do!


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Pics by Masterphoto - Marco Kuijpers


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