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I am finally back in Holland after 3 weeks of the most amazing Christmas holidays I could ever ask for, although coming back was a bit of a drama, not only because I was incredibly sad to leave my loved ones behind, but since it was the end of the holiday season, I missed my bus to the airport due to bad traffic, so my brother had to drive me to a different city to take it from there.

Once I arrived to Mexico city, I checked in my flight and waited, but it turned out that my flight to Washington was VERY delayed (almost 2 hours), so I had to wait at the airport for ages until we finally boarded.
I was already exhausted and sad because I was leaving, so I really didn't need the stress of possibly missing my flight from Washington to Amsterdam due to all the delays.

It turns out that I managed to arrive to Washington right on time and even had a little time to spare so I could grab a bite at Wendy's (last junk food I will eat for a while) and after 8 hours, I was landing in a freezing cold Amsterdam.

I wont lie, I am fighting a jet lag and I am missing my family like you cant believe, but I am hopeful that I will see them again soon, not to mention that I am off to Florence tomorrow for the second edition of LuisaViaRoma's Firenze4ever (for the second time), so the packing is keeping me busy (or more like the unpacking from my holiday first).

Anyway, the point is that I am back and ready for some fashion and friends...Who else is coming to Florence???



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