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Le Hype crew

With 2 of my readers Tina & Liselotte

Here are some pictures from the WOOD WOOD show on thursday, the light was perfect to snap some pictures and the models were soaking wet even before they hit the runway, something you wouldn't expect in a fashion show, but interesting and surprising to say the last.

The style was too sporty for my taste, but it had a cool relaxed vibe to it.

I also met a lot of my readers walking the streets of Copenhagen, at few shows or even at parties (more pics with them coming soon! ), I must say I was really surprised but incredibly flattered that you guys came up to me, thanks for the love and support!

And last but not least, here are some snaps from Le Hype crew, my favorite mens fashion blog, those guys are beyond cool, stylish and so much fun to hang out with, for sure one of the best up and coming male blogs out there.

More updates later!!!


Pics by me for StyleScrapbook



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