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StyleScrapbook and LeHype waiting for the rain to pour down (or hoping for it not to :P)

Pics by Magick93

Exactly a week ago I was still in Copenhagen for Fashion Week, I already miss it so much, I had the best time and definitely fell in love with the city!

Last Saturday was the Worlds greatest catwalk, I talked about it on StyleScrapbook about a month ago so here are finally some pics from the event.

Unfortunately the weather was turning ugly but the event was still a success...
There were gorgeous models walking along Denmark's longest shopping street and despite the rain, people were enthusiastic and excited to see it happen.

I wanted to thank the Copenhagen Fashion Council for all their attentions towards me and congratulate them for putting together such a fun and exciting event!

If you want to check out the video of the event, CLICK HERE!

See you soon Denmark, I will for sure come back very soon!




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