YKK zipper belt by OutsaPop

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This is the big secret.. I´ve been working on a minicollection for YKK Europe, the largest zipper manufacturer in the world! The collection will consist of three zipper accessorie pieces of which the first one, zipper belt, is finished! YKK found my works online last fall and suggested we do a collaboration together. They support upcoming artists and sent me a box full of zips to use in my projects as zippers are my favorite material. These pieces will not go into production or sale but they will be available for custom orders as my zipper necklaces (send me mail for details). If you feel like having a go for yourself click to YKK Europe website Creativity section for the compelete zipper belt tutorial or go to my Flickr gallery to view the larger images of the tutorial steps and finished belt. If you have any questions about the tutorial, send me mail!

The prices start from 250 euro for 8 zippers belt and end at 350 euro for 16 zippers belt like this one (+ shipping costs). I work an averige 18-25 hours on each piece as they are complitely handsewn (by me). If I were to make myself a another belt for everyday use it would be maybe from 8-10 zips. This 16 zip belt is more of an red carpet showstopper... Massive in size so it can be seen from far away. :D

If you´d like me to make you one, please send me mail.


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