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Sometimes, it really is the little details.  I quite often {like, really often} think how nice it would be to just have a teeny tiny tattoo just so I know it's there, for me and my Boy's eyes only.  In a similar thought, wouldn't it be nice to have something on your wedding day that's just as subtle as an added little touch, such as some kind of detail on the soles of your shoes?

I saw these delights on U.S blog Flirty Guide and I have since searched everywhere for a shoe with a blue sole like this ~ similar to that of Mr Louboutin and his red soles ~ but alas they seem to not exist over here sadly {or if you know they do, please get in touch!!}.

I also heart hearts for soles.

Another little something you can add to your sole is a bit of bling with these "I Do" shoe stickers from the Wedding Ideas Shop.  They will brighten up some plain ivory soles, and during the day you can give a cheeky little foot kick just to flash the sparkles. 

If you aren't feeling confident with a marker pen to scribble a heart on your own shoes, then these are just so cute ~ practical and pretty! Wear these hearts on your soles and you'll slip no more! Heart Stoppers non-slip stickers are available from Elegant Steps 


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