{bejewelled} put a ring on it

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Sorry, I couldn't help that title {oh gawwwd it get's into your head}.

So, I'm a sucker for a bit of gold jewellery. Being blonde I think it suits me way better than silver but also it's a bit more unusual to see these days, especially for engagement and wedding rings.  Stand out from a platinum crowd, with these slim, golden beauties.  Aren't they just divine? Whether it's words, sparkles or texture, I have trawled the interweb to find a golden ticket for everyone. And at the risk of sounding like Veruca Salt, I want a golden.... ring now!

{From top left: Ball Link Ring ~ Kabiri, Forget Me Knot ~ Zoe and Morgan, Vicky Davies Knot Ring ~ Damson Jewellery, Bow Tie Ring ~ Kabiri, Love Lasso Ring ~ Zoe and Morgan, Jack's Design Diamond Solitaire Oval Ring ~ Damson Jewellery, Loved Ring ~ St Kilda Jewelry, Day C Everyday is a good day ~ Damson Jewellery, Friendship Rings ~ Laura Lee, Alphabet/Heart Rings ~ Catbird NYC, Baby Solitaire Ring ~ Laura Lee}


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