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As you may [or not] know I am yet to be engaged* however as one does, I'm often to be found gazing through glass windows of jewellery shops, staring with intrigue at ladies' fingers whilst on the tube and consistently trying on any of my engaged or married friend's rings to find one that suits me. Feels me. Works for me. Looks great on me.

I have yet to find it [uh oh, if I cannot find the ring how the hell is he supposed to?!] mainly as I am not a ring wearer in day to day standards, and I'm also not one for platinum [though clearly, I would never look a gift horse in the mouth, but...]. There is a real lack of unique, quirky, non blingy, delicate and gold engagement and wedding rings - however RUST with their 'traditionally unusual' concept is definitely the closest I have come to the search. Hallelujah.

I first found RUST many moons ago, when I saw this pretty damn awesome wedding of two young creatives - Nao and Artemis [coolest names ever] who happen to run RUST. I was later kindly reminded by the fabulous floral queen Miss Pickering about them and I just had to share their beautiful designs with you.

All their jewellery is handmade in London [whoop!] and always stays true to the concept of authenticity and craftsmanship. Inspired by antique markets and history books they love finding treasures as much as they enjoy making them. And doesn't it show. I love how they look old but are new - that I think is exactly the style I'd been searching for.

Just in case you were wondering which one I like. I 'choose' this one above. Let's also not forget about the men either...

Take a look at their website for their jewellery collection and to shop the wedding collection online. And boys, if you aren't sure - they even have a handy ring measurement guide. 

Thank you Artemis for letting me share your stunning creations!

*weird I know as I write a wedding blog, however I have been with MM for over 8 happy years so some might say it's about time...


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