DIY Jose Castro leather scale dress

Style :

You remember the Jose Castro Fall 2009 leather "fish scale dress" I wrote about last week? I have been cutting up a secondhand leather jacket during the last few evenings and begun to glue the scale pieces on today. I was worried that the textile (leather glue / maitoliima) glue would not be enough and that I would have to sew all the scales by hand afterwards. Now it looks like after a few hours drying that the sewing will not be necessary and that the glue will hold all the pieces in place quite firmly. I had totally forgotten how great stuff that leather glue is! Well here´s what I´ve come up with so far. I have not decided yet will the entire dress be covered in scales. We´ll see. My aim is to have this dress finished by the end of next week so I can take it with me to the recycle fair Kierrätystehdas in Helsinki. I´m not going to sell it, but it will look great in out booth! And of course I will make a tutorial from this project when it´s done.


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