flaming 'eck

Style :
I have for sometime now really massively wanted to dye my hair red.  I came pretty close in the hairdressers the other week even getting the colour book out and I think she was even more excited than me at the prospect. But I wimped out. So for now I'll just have to stick with going green with envy when I walk down the street and pass a lady rocking red/copper/aubern locks.  I've even found myself watching Dr Who {believe me, I wouldn't normally} just to stare in admiration at his new assistant's radiant redness.  It's just the coolest colour around at the moment, and one day I will be brave enough to banish the blond and be proud in pillarbox. Until that day, I'm just going to admire these flame haired brides who look totally stunning. Damn them. 


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