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Imagine the sun streaming through the trees, producing sunbeams that make your dress sparkle like diamonds. The wind blowing gently, spinning pretty pin wheels around and the fresh air that fills your lungs. Ohhh how I daydream how amazing weddings in the UK could be IF the sun shone all year round.  And I know, I know ~ it doesn't.  That hasn't stopped me dreaming about outdoor weddings  though and this bunch of inspiration has indeed come from the great outdoors however, where there's a will there's a way. And I think all hanging decorations can be incorporated somehow if you so wish. Inside or out.

{Photo credits: Once Wed, Once Wed}

You've seen the tissue pom poms, now master the hanging versions! String mini ones together to create your own bunting or vertical decorations.  Hang around doorways, over beams or from corners of the room. I think they can add a bit of the outdoors indoors!

And you thought streamers were straggly little things that you used to have a parties when you were 5 years old! Not these ones ~ decorative, delicate but so chic and look great draped around, well pretty much anything. I love how they've made a canopy out of them on the right and the pastel shades of the left hand image just oozes prettiness. 

Ribbons ribbons ribbons. You can't get more whimsical and girly than ribbons ~ especially those floating and hanging from trees, chairs, beams etc.  This top left image is actually strips of fabric which is so easily done yourself and I just love the eclectic effect it gives.  Even if you can't find somewhere to tie some ribbon, just winding them around tree branches nonchalantly for some outdoor portrait pics will look pretty magical.

Be creative with what you hang.  This incredible wedding on the left has cotton hanging in lines instead of bunting and also creating a curtain of cotton. Amazing! And this fabulous shot on the right has little origami cranes strung together and then hung from trees.  If you fancy getting creative, origami cranes can be fairly easily made and the look you get is flutterly brilliant. 


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