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Whenever ladies think about seduction, exactly what usually comes to their thoughts are how to attract their sweetheart, spouse or their long term conquest... It's a display of sensuous moments through the clothing a woman would wear, without slipping into vulgarity; with clothes that will leave her companion with a burning need to see the rest.

However men get turn on by lingerie. If the women wear hot lingerie, he won’t be able to resist her. Lingerie is the best way to seduce a man. The Canadian label Purrfect Pineapples lingerie is edgy, a little bit cutesy, with a hint of rock n roll and sexy. The cruelty-free lingerie line by one of the fantastic fashion designer named Erika Shuhendler.

Purrfect Pineapples began when Erika took her fashion design education, fused it with her love, and added in her passion for veganism and living compassionately. The result turned to be a brilliant line of lingerie that will make you smile whether you wear it or admire it.

Not only is Shuhendler one incredibly hard-working artist, she also has quite an eye for marketing and is highly involved in the photo shoots and merchandising of her wares. Though it’s hard not to be captivated and enchanted by the line Purrfect Pineapples. You can choose from a variety of designs in corsets, bras, knickers and garters. Sizes range from small to extra large with custom orders available for plus size and corsets.

The Purrfect Pineapples products are sweatshop free and animal friendly and they are handmade by Erika herself, and all the fabrics are hand picked by her. None of their products contain animal-derived fibers or textiles such as: leather, fur, wool or silk.

Every piece from her creation is important to her because she feel as though the fashion industry can function without the use of animal products and she is out to prove it.



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