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Yesterday was one of those days where I just wanted to stay home to sort some things I had to finish before I was off to Copenhagen and Stockholm Fashion week and all of a sudden, as I was looking through my "Make-up" inspiration folder, I decided to relocate myself to my bathroom and try out different make-up looks, some of which I have never tried before.

As I was doing this, I figured it was too much of a waste to spend hours doing my make-up for nothing, so I decided to shoot some fun pictures wearing 3 different makeup looks paired with 3 of my favorite necklaces so this is the first set of what I am calling; "Flash series"... I was actually wearing an American apparel tube top, but I only wanted to have the focus on the necklace and the makeup, I hope you like them and stay tuned for more "Flash series"!

Necklace: COS

Pictures by Richard Nicholls


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