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I am extraordinarily excited about this post.  Why? Well I've been reading for donkeys on U.S wedding blogs about these things called 'Cake POPS'.  I knew they looked great,  and was pretty sure they tasted great but just didn't think they'd make it over here for a while. Ohhh how wrong I was.  The fabulous little family run, POP Bakery in north London are the home of 'Cake POPS for London weddings {and parties, bridal showers etc} and just look how yummy and fun they look! If you are a little bit 'over' cupckaes then these are a great idea to hand out to guests as cake or favours and I think they'd be a hit with both adults and kids {well yes, us big kids!}.

In case you are wondering, yes ~ they are round cakes on big sticks that do indeed look like a more edible version of a chupa chup.  These delectable treats with heavenly gooey cake centres are dipped in choclate and popped on a handy stick for convenience and all together cuteness. How Yum?!

Check out this totally adorable story from Bakerella in the U.S, a wedding proposal with, yup you guessed it ~ cake pops.

For more information on these little delicacies pop on over and visit the Pop Bakery website or Blog.  And a big thanks to Clare for letting me share these round bundles of fun.


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