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One of the biggest problem in the world of fashion is that of over-production. In response, SANS digital sewing patterns has introduced downloadable patterns on their website.

“How can fashion possibly be good for the environment? You produce things - you make them. Just substituting artificial fabrics with natural ones is not going to be the solution… it’s more important to come up with different values about clothes.”

Lika Volkova, the designer behind SANS clothing line explains that providing patterns cuts down on carbon intensive mass production and distribution. Instead of mass producing a garment that gets shipped throughout the world, people can buy a pattern (prices range from $6 to $25) and either create clothes themselves or bring it to their local tailor to create it for them. The idea is that the garment is made locally. Read the complete interview here.

“When you have a piece that you made yourself, you relate to it differently. You value it differently.” says Lika. We hear ya!!

Found via Ethical Style.


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