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So today has exactly been 1 week since I came back from Los Angeles and although I am pretty bummed I was there for only 2 full days, I can assure you that my experience in those 2 days was AMAZING!

The reason why I was in LA for such a short trip was because I will be a part of the new season of "What should I wear" by Mango's online series and I had to go there to shoot the scenes for the episode I will be acting on.
I was playing a Stylist and had a scene of conflict with the photographer, so I really had to put my acting skill to the test. I cant wait until the episode comes out and I can finally see how I did it, or maybe cover my eyes throughout the entire scenes :S hahaha.

As we speak I am on my way to Barcelona to shoot some photos for MANGO as a part of their new Autumn Winter campaign so you can only imagine how excited I am, not to mention that my hotel is over Paseo de Gracia, one of my favorite streets in Barcelona...If you see me around, come say hi! :D



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