Sometimes I hate extra small

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Sometimes I just hate shopping secondhand clothes online. Most cool stuff is always available in only XS or S. I mean it´s bad enough to find something you love and not being able afford it. Vintage shops need more clothes available in size M and especially L and XL. Or at least the option to shop by size so I can filter out all the small stuff... I´m sure the bigger sizes are out there (Ebay...), but I just have trouble finding them. Anyone else have this problem? Do you have any tips for online vintage shopping by size? Thank goodness at least bags, most hats and jewelry are size-free.

Apple comb necklace, draped electro blue dress, pink knit and leather dress from NastyGal Vintage.

These are up for bidding at Market Publique.

Cloud Nine Vintage at Etsy Vintage.


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