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Staying positive (or at least trying to) is one of my most important life motto's.

I know it sounds cheesy, maybe even too hopeful but I am completely convinced that all good things in my life have happened because I've attracted them, so keep that in mind and start doing the same!

Life is beautiful and sometimes too short to bother with negative attitudes and thoughts!
Live, laugh and most importantly, LOVE! which is the most positive and powerful feeling you can ever have...

Edit: A lot of you have asked me about my hair color, truth is, this is my natural hair, I have never dyed it before, but my hair always looks a different color depending on the light, time of the day and season, I know, its weird but that means I can have slightly different shades without any need of hair dye :P...that is the truth about my hair, haha.


Denim shirt: ZARA
cycling shorts: DIY
Shoes: ZARA
Back pack: Storets



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