ashes to ashley

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Well who'd have thought it. During my epic visit to Westfield, I popped into Laura Ashley in the hope of finding a bridesmaid dress but instead got distracted by the pretty decorative items that they have on offer.  Normally Laura Ashley is a bit, well Mumsy but unless I'm turning into a Mum {which, I assure you, I am not} I think they've got a really great range of products that are perfect for al fresco style weddings with a totally English touch, these are my favourite picks.

Dot these around where people will be milling for an outdoors drink reception, will look great in photos.

Place them on outdoor picnic tables or hang from trees {carefully, mind} to create a rustic glow

Scattered as decoreations on the tables they will look utterly pretty.

Chalk Board Sign {yes, another one!}

Well, you know by now what you can do with these! Just scribble away....

Do your own sweetie jar, add sweets in colours to match your theme and a little note saying 'eat me'

My obsession with pinwheels begins....


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