Style :

I have noticed that as the months go by, I add more and more embellishments to my wrists. You all know that I love wearing 2 watches and in fact, that is one of the most frequently asked questions every time I meet someone: Andy, Why do you wear 2 watches? ... Hmm, I just like they way it looks (which I believe is reason enough ;).

My bracelet collection has been growing enormously thanks to my recent travels and my friend Rachel from Fashionology who has been spoiling me with many of her treasures. Now I am interested to see how many more bracelets I can wear in one go, its all about the right balance I guess. 


Me he dado cuenta que mientras pasan los meses, yo le sigo agregando mas y mas cosas a mis muñecas, es mas, el otro día mi mejor amigo me dijo que mi mano izquierda parecía arbolito de navidad :S hahaha.

Ustedes saben como me fascina usar 2 relojes a la vez, es mas, esa es la pregunta que me hacen mas frecuentemente cada vez que conozco a alguien; Andy ¿Por que usas 2 relojes? ... Hmm, Pues por que me gusta ;) (se me hace razón suficiente).



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