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Well, I guess explaining the reason of my title is not needed. As you can probably see, I am wearing tights, yet again, in the middle of June.
I have no idea what is going on with the weather lately, I don't understand why we are having Autumn weather at the end of Spring when in fact, Summer should be around the corner.

Ok, I think I have talked about the weather more than any other subject in the almost 4 years I have been blogging for StyleScrapbook and I should probably stop, so lets talk about the outfit instead, which I don't do very often.
This skirt is an old classic in my wardrobe and I use to wear it back in the day, almost when my blog started, although to be honest, I didn't think I would wear it again and even thought of selling it.
Last Monday, as I was going through one of those: "Closet full of clothes but ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear" phases and after trying pretty much half of my closet, I decided that maybe it was time to wear it again and who knows, maybe this time will really be the last time. 

P.S- The only reason why I decided to wear my hair up was thanks to the dear old rain. I came out of my house sporting my usual do and pretty much 5 minutes into the shoot, my hair became a frizz nightmare (ok, I might be exaggerating a tad), so I decided to make it into a bun instead.

P.S2- Can you believe its already Wednesday? ... Time is literally flying by, its scary!


Varsity jacket: American college USA
Skirt: H&M (old)
Dream catcher necklace:
Sunnies: CELINE


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