Outsapop t-shirt shredding tutorial

Style : Here it is! My tutorial for shredding tees Raquel Allegra style. Any questions? Post a comment or send me mail.

Step 1.
Unravel the hem seam open all around.

Step 2.
With a seamripper find one layer of thread and pull it open from the hem. This thread will determine how wide your shredded part will be. The unravelled area will be about 2,5 times wider than the original. If you pull out about 10cm (about 4 inches) it will be about 25cm (10 inches) wide when done.

Step 3.
The easiest thing is to leave a few jersey loops unravelled. These are good points to pull the nearby loops open. Speed things up loads.

Here´s two videos I made to demonstrate how the unraveling is done. As you can see I have put my feet inside the shirt to help stretch the jersey tight. The jersey unravels easier when it is tight and straight.


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