Stars And Infinite Darkness

Style : Stars And Infinite Darkness is a webstore for handmade goods worth checking out. There are loads of talented indie labels selling clothes, accessories and jewelry. All though I´m not a huge fan of the sites item category structure and the pictures could be bigger and more detailed (considering the prices), I visit them every now and then just to se the new arrivals and labels. Most items are a bit more expencive than in Etsy, but the selection, quality and brandlist is way better.

Jackets by SharDann

Phyl Couture: Cecilia top

Duchess von Dudik: Black stretch satin paper doll dress

Misile: Amsterdam in Navy Stripe dress

Stephanie Simek: Pair of Eyelashes Necklace

Angela Johnson: T-shirt Ruffle Dress

New York Couture: Owl Jumper dress

KidViskous: RED KV Nerd Specs Necklace


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