The unfortunate zipper incidence

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Last night I found pictures of Doo.Ri Fall 2009 collection from Six Six Sick. The collection is amazing with sequin decorated lace tights and draping details guaranteed to see on the pages of Elle and Vogue next fall. But... The zipper belts look quite familiar don´t they? I´m the last person to blame anyone for copying since I take loads of ideas and influences to my DIY projects from other designers (but I always credit the original source). The thing that bugs me here is that this Doo.Ri collection beat me to the punch. Even though I released design pictures of my zipper mini-colection in December and have been working on it ever since everyone in the fashion bloggin world will know about this Doo.Ri collection by fall and recognize my zipper belts as "Doo.Ri inspired". The belt just looks too alike and I feel forced now to change my belt design as I wanted this collection to be complitely my own and not be seen as "inspired". Maybe this is just me feeling bummed and I will feel different tomorrow. I mean who am I to get irritated about this sort of thing? After all, I just make only custom ordered zipper-stuff at home and don´t have an official brand or anything. In any case, I love this collection and you can be sure we will see sequin decorated tights in many fashion blogs next summer and fall!

Pictures of my zipper works.

My Zipper belt design illustration that I released in December 2008.

Doo.Ri used zippers also as corsages.

These sequin decorated tights will be one of next falls DIY trends. I´m sure of that.

I love the way Doo.Ri used zippers covering a vest and creating art deco styled pattern on the cover flap of a bag.

Later edit: A page from my inspiration books about the Comme des Garçons SS05 collection that inspired me to start working on zippers two years ago.

Pictures via, Six Six Sick and my Flickr photogallery.


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