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Ahh yes, Spring! Well, no not quite. 'Tis the season I term an inbetweener quite frankly. It's neither freezing nor scorching and as such this proves extremely tricky when getting dressed in the mornings. One thing that helps during these uncertain times is....tights.  Yes those wretched things can be as tricky as trying to solve a mensa puzzle at 7 in the morning  and yes, when laddered they can totally ruin your day.  However hear me out.  There is a whole world of choice waiting to be discovered. Colours, patterns, styles there is a pair for everyone. Including Brides or Bridesmaids.  Just have a little lookie at this montage to prove my point that tights can be tantalizing for weddings....

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If you are looking for some inspiration here are a few that are on my wish list:



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