April Food Day

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"But, it's warm."  "I don't care if it's warm, you should have drunk it earlier."  "Mom.  Nobody can drink warm milk.  Nobody."  

"I'm starving!"  "You're not starving, you're just hungry.  We'll be home in five minutes."  "Why can't you bring carpool snacks?  All the other moms bring carpool snacks."  "You.  Are.  Fine."  "I'm starving."

"I'm finished."  "You're not finished, you need to eat your vegetables."  "I did."  "You did not."  "I did.  I had two."

The fact of the matter is, while the Blandings boys are nearly always hungry, they will toss out half a sandwich without a backward glance.  They make me squirm with their security that there will always be enough.

And while my mother often bought shoes instead of paying the cable bill, we always had food.  Enough food.  More than enough food.

But we were made aware of our grandparents' struggles during the Great Depression and quite aware that while they always had food, meat was scarce and that my dad had to drink the milk in his cereal bowl because nothing was wasted.  (This story always told as I stared into the lukewarm candy-colored milk of my just finished Fruit Loops.)

I've never had to go to bed at night wondering how I'm going to feed my children tomorrow, but many people do.  First time requests at food banks are up.  Corporate and personal giving are down.  We are in the midst of great uncertainty.  

But I am certain you can help.  Two of my dearest blogging friends, Meg of Pigtown-Design and Chris of Easy and Elegant Life, have developed an initiative to help in the fight against hunger through Feed America.  Feed America is a national organization that supports over 200 food banks nationwide, including Harvesters here in Kansas City.  Click here to get more information.  Click here to donate.  Donate one dollar.  More if you have it.  Yes. Right now.  You know you want to do this and you don't think you have the time.  I just donated myself and it took me less that two minutes.  One dollar.  More if you have it.

Emma and Timmy Hanbury's kitchen from Vogue Living Houses Garden People, tailgate, photo by Rudy Muller in The Well-Lived Life, Carolyne Roehm's home Vogue Living, Southern Accents on Color, final two photos So Chic, the first by Fernando Bengoechea and the last by Thibault Jeanson.


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