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*Wolf Whistle* Helllloooo! I love the fact that this is available in the UK. It's the kind of thing you read about  happening in the U.S and you think, I wish we had that here. Well we do! In Wimbledon in fact, at the Julia Boggio studios.  Chances are you've come across Julia before as her wedding and potrait photography is über amazing and regularly appears in bridal publications with the most fabulous shots (one of my faves). Or maybe you saw Julia's world famous 'Dirty Dancing First Dance' clip on YouTube (check it out if you haven't already - so cute!)

Isn't there just something about retro pin ups that make you wish you were in that era? Boy have I tried to achieve the look many a time for fancy dress parties unsuccessfully mostly. It's the hair, the style, the lips, the curves - it just all adds to the subtle sexiness.  So how exciting that you can actually experience that for a few hours with the Vintage Boudoir. Be pampered, preened and get ready to pose in some saucy little outfits (designed in house!) for some truly delicious shots for you (and anyone else) to treasure.  Message to The Boy: Charley wants ;)


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