Fashion Report:Taylor Momsen is rockin' Alexander Wang silver embellished dress

Style : True, we already Celebrity Styled this rockin' look , but we can't get over it. It's so fabulous. Taylor wore it through what looked like a fun night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Annex NYC grand opening and the The Rowdy Collection Spring Preview Party. If I was wearing this flashy dress I would party hop, too.

I do agree with you that this Gossip Girl often dresses too mature for her age (she's 15), but I think this is an age appropriate get up. She is wearing tights under her slashed Alexander Wang silver embellished dress . And, she is young and therefore has every right to wear a mini. I like her platinum blonde feathery 'do now that it's grown out a bit. Her pointy Balenciaga pumps are hard core and her silver cuffs added additional silver sassiness.


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