Five times a bridesmaid....

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OK. I can't quite believe I'm about to share this absolute hideous-ness with you. 

But, if you can't laugh at yourself then...well that's not much fun is it.  And what is it they say about ugly ducklings turning into swans...!?

These pictures don't really require an awful lot of explanation but I'm a bridesmaid - age about 13/14. Yes, that is a 'rust' coloured dress  with matching dyed shoes - puffy sleeves and a very (un)flattering drop waist.  Can't quite believe how huge the bouquet is and how ugly that 'thing' on my head is. I also remember wishing I had longer hair so it could be curled like my sisters was. I have joined up eyebrows (still do, thank god for tweezers) and tears in my eyes because I was told to smile but didn't want to as I had wonky teeth (again, still kind of do, thanks mr orthodontist for nothing!).

This was my first time as a bridesmaid and even then, dressed like that I loved that day. I wanted to be next to the bride the whole time and being told I looked pretty by everyone all day (liars) made me feel special.  So maybe, just maybe this is where my obsession with weddings started. Who would have known :)

And not that I've ever told anyone this, but when my family were out the house I'd go to the spare room where this dress hung and get it out of the clothes case and put it on again, and again so god only knows what I'll be like when I have a wedding dress.

Happy hideous Friday! x o x o


I thought I'd add some pictures of me as a bridesmaid at all of my lovely friend's weddings in the last few years (Kath, Nic, Holly & Charlie mwaaa!). All very different looks/dresses/styles but a huge improvement on the above I hope you'll agree!


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