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I know you've probably seen this.  A few of my friends had posted it on their face book pages and I did not click.  I know.  Blah blah blah.  Touching inspiration abounds.  Whatever.  I'm busy.  I spend enough time on this darn machine without watching You Tube.

But my very good friend Judy forwarded it via email with only the words "please watch this."  I was telling another friend this week that the hard thing about on-line friends who you don't know personally is that every one's tale sounds plausible, but you don't really know them.  So you don't really know. And she said, "So you don't know if you're dealing with Judy or (insert any crazy person you know.")  Exactly.

But Judy is reliable, so, when she sent me this I watched it.  I'm such an idiot.  Sobbed and sobbed.  I watched Susan Boyle stand in front of a lot of people and sing.  She said it was her dream since she was twelve.  And the thing that I think has been such a stunner for some people is that her voice does not match her appearance.  But the thing that had me crying at my keyboard was that she is 47, unemployed, has never been kissed and lives with her cat and she pursued a quite unlikely dream.  I'm sure that when she told people she was going to try out for Britain's Got Talent they said, "Oh!  You should!"  But I also bet that women from her village who called themselves her friends probably said, "Nonsense.  A waste of time and a waste of money.  What is she thinking?"

And she got a standing ovation.  Not just on national television, but on this crazy wacked out international medium that I adore and often think is an unbelievable waste of time.  She tried something new.  She did something a little bit brave.  And she changed her life.  Not necessarily because she will become a singing sensation, but because now she won't lie in her bed at night thinking, "I wonder what would have happened if..."

I'm sorry I did not embed the piece; I couldn't find one that would allow it.  Some folks have found the link not working.  Search Susan Boyle on you tube if that is the case.


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