It's A Toss Up - Bring Back the Bouquet Toss!

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I'd like to think I've been to a fair amount of weddings over the last five years, and as I recall it, at only one of these weddings did the bride throw her bouquet. Now I'm not sure if this is a dying trend or if it's just coincidence that I've not experienced much of it but what I do know is it's fun and I think you brides should bring it back!

As a catchee myself* it seemed a great way of mingling with the other girls at the wedding who you may not have met especially if you are friends of the groom and not the bride. Of course I totally appreciate that some bouquets are just too darn pretty to throw but really, are you really going to keep it and dry it out? Nope. So wouldn't it be way more fun to watch all the girls scramble for it (or in my experience shy from it - see below).

If that hasn't persuaded you, maybe these fantastically captured photos will. If nothing else, you can't argue that it makes for a great shot. 

The throwers...

credit: White Tea

The Catchees...

credit: Sarah Vivienne Photography - by Rosie

As I mentioned, I am a catchee. I think this picture demonstrates the embarrassed forced by everyone to stand with the all the girls but didn't want to but oh god, it's fallen in my hands look. Priceless.

Thank you to all the lovely photographers and brides for sharing their photographs. I'd also like to mention I secretly enjoyed catching the above bouquet but needless to say - I wasn't the next one....

*Special thanks to Kyle Hepp Photography who although is based in Chile is in fact over in the UK this summer, with availability for 28th May and 18th June - if you are interested in these dates do get in there quickly by conacting them through their website -



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