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I totally blame working for a design agency on this one.  Are you ready for this. I'm going to admit to a rather embarrassing addiction....

Ampersands. I'm obsessed, so much so, I seem to have an ever growing collection of ampersand related trinkets. Jewellery, art, homeware, clothing... in fact it's got so bad that I'm even considering getting an ampersand tattoo. The Boy is not pleased about this.

So what do I like about it? The shape, the swirls, it shouts English to me (don't ask me why) and I love that it's a symbol that everyone knows what it means and that it has a lovely long word to describe it. What's even sadder is I'm not the only one. There's lots of us, and this Ampersand appreciation blog is evidence. There's only one way to be cured... I'm thinking an ampersand themed wedding. No?


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