one size fits all

Style : Oh the joys of beng a woman! We come in all shapes and sizes and it's hard enough to shop for ourselves (i've been 'jean' shopping for about 2 months now with NO joy) let alone anyone else.  I'm currently shopping as a bridesmaid for the 3rd time and each time you'd think it gets easier, but no. It really is quite impossible (sorry to have to tell you this if you are about to become one!).  I'm a curvy (cough cough) 5ft nothing girl, so when put next to a size 8 5'7 girl it's highly unlikely we're both gonna look good in the same dress and that's not even touching on the fact i'm a pale blonde and she's a bronzed brunette. So what are the choices?

Mis matching dresses? Yes, but you have to get the same colour - which in case you are wondering is 'cornflower' blue ~ like I said ~ impossible. Next and final option? Two Birds. These have been doing the rounds in the U.S for some time and are hugely popular and now I know why. One dress, 15 ways to wear it, 18 colours and no alterations. Get your gals and head over to wrap up the dress search at the only UK store which has just opened in Notting Hill.

{images via Two Birds} 


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