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First and foremost, I'm sure you are all asking who is this punky, pouting, pink haired sexy lady? For those not in the know (shame on you) she's Kat - aka the Rock'n Roll Bride - a world renowned blogger of all things rockin for weddings and whom quenches my thirst, and thousands of others, for wedding inspiration on a daily basis.

Second, I'm sure you are all dying to know more about who shot these, and how you can go about getting you some of that.  More details below the hotness....


A few days ago, I posted a snippet of information {boudoir babe} on the Vintage Boudoir  shoot  now available from the acclaimed wedding and potrait photographer Julia Boggio at her studios in Wimbledon.  Well, to get tongues wagging Julia and Kat joined forces  (dream team or what) to produce these awesome shots to promote the Vintage Boudoir series to all us girls out there.

Julia says, "The pin-up look is so much more erotic than a lot of modern boudoir, which often shows too much."  So whether you want to dress up in the boudoir's costumes or bring something along that you've dreamt of being photographed in, Julia will make you feel happy and comfortable in front of the camera to get the demure and sexy shots you are after, and judging by Kat's photos they are testament to that!

Julia explains "We design each look in our style book and then source the props and outfits needed to create the image."  So along with setting the scene (how fab is the dressing-up room scene and those ostrich feathers) you will receive the all important wow factor with hair from the talented Sev from The Hepburn Collection (he did that pink hair justice) and super stunning make-up (false lashes a go-go) by Kaz Fernando.  After being pampered within an inch of your life, you'll slip your very own (to keep!) vintage stockings on, and get ready to pose n pout your little heart out in at least two knock 'em dead outfits.

With shots this good, even shrinking violets would want them hung up pride of place, Julia says "This is tasteful, colourful, fun and sexy. It should be part of your interior design". She's not wrong there.  The only problem is to decide what retro pin-up look to go for.....I'm thinking 'Forces Sweetheart' would be soooo ace ;)

For the full article and for more information please click on the links below:

A huge thanks and big up to Julia and Kat for letting me spread the fun x


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