Spring In My Step - Mulberry Spring Summer 2011 Campaign

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OK, enough now of this dreary January. I want spring time! I'm a spring baby [in fact, tis my 30th year this March!] and I do so long for the spring; when the birds start singing,  you don't mind throwing your duvet covers back, the scent of blossoming flowers are inhaled as you walk to the bus stop.... It's a happy time for me.

Spring just also happens to be the time when the fashion houses release their new lines and so naturally that's also exciting. This one in particular. Shot by Tim Walker [see my earlier post on his talent here] for Mulberry's Spring Summer 2011 collection, these images just take my breathe away. For a number of reasons....

1. The redheads. I'm a wannabe, and this makes me yearn so much more. Especially with that fringe.
2. The hydrangeas. These pastel coloured puffs of petal are one of my absolute loves. 
3. The bags. Duh.
4. Randomly, I'd rather like a pink ladder just like this one. 
5. Tim Walker's magic touch.

Don't you just want to dive in there and water the flowers with that pretty watercan or recline on that armchair, feet a-hanging just gazing at the prettiness? I know I do.


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