Stylish hand-me-down baggy pants

Style :

I love secondhand men´s wear. Suits, shirts, knits, hats.... You can just find so many stylish pieces from thrift stores that can be worn right of the rack. So many fashion blog that I read feature outfits containing menswear inspired pieces converted to womenswear that are just remakes of the original thing fitted for women. What´s wrong with the original ones??? Nothing as far as I´m concerned. I was super delighted to find this daily outfit post by Camille from Childhood Flames where she was wearing not this seasons remakes, but authentic hand-me-down-slouchy men´s suit trousers from his fathers wardrobe and looking fabulous. Thank god me and my bf are about the same size so I can "borrow" his suits when ever I want! Styled with a pair of killer heels of course :D


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