Yes Man

Style : Every now and again I'll receive a request from a reader.  If at all possible I try to lend a hand, but sometimes I get distracted.  Last week I had a lovely request from someone wondering if I had the March 2008 issue of World of Interiors.  This woman was on the hunt, scouring the net for back issues with little luck.  Well, yes.  Yes, I did have it and yes, I understand being so hungry for a certain designer or a certain feature that I would search frantically until I found it.  

When I pulled the issue from my shelf I remembered it for a striking shell folly that had so captured my heart that I had foolishly overlooked this stunning apartment by Veere Grenney.  Surprising, too, as I find honey-toned interiors such as these irresistible.  The dining room, above, features a Jansen chandelier and gilded, satin-covered chairs.  The chairs are from a set of fifty originally made for a Viennese palace; Grenney designed the table and the fabric on the walls.

The drawing room maintains the same palette and is anchored again by a sisal and jute rug offering a nice juxtaposition to the Robsjohn-Gibbons chairs and the Regency table.

A confident mix that travertine mantle with its hodge-podge of personal effects and the rush basket.  The windows here treated in a way that would make me surely purse my lips if it were described to me.  Valance?  Usually not.  Fringe?  Certainly no.  But it is just what the room wants and that perfect kiss of floor and hem with that - what, quarter inch? half inch? - of satin.  A resounding "yes" to all.

The sofa is pink silk.  No nonsense is made of the radiators.  Again, hooray and hooray.

This is the desk that you see from the drawing room.  Like it?  Hmmm....Jansen for Billy Baldwin.  Good eye.

Can you hear the violins swelling?  The bed fabric is, again, Greeney's design.  Kime on the quintessentially English club chair, antique images of the Middle East adorn the walls, the flash of silver from the lamp in contrast to all that golden glow.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

Bathrooms and kitchen.  I know, Mr. Blandings will be squawking as he thinks these are the most important, too, but they are classic and right and that is all I care about.

Except, again, this flash of gold here against the grey.  Whew.  Many thanks, gentle reader, for bringing this to my attention.  Yes, you were right, it's a keeper.

All images World of Interiors, March 2008.  Photography, Fritz von der Schulenburg.  For additional images of Grenney's work check here.


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