Black Bamboo

Style : On the other end of the spectrum (from yesterday's post, you're following, right?) is Black Bamboo.

Also in the Crossroads District, in fact, right down the hill from Webster House, Black Bamboo specializes in Asian antiques and modern furnishings. And, speaking of great chests (yes, we have been) the one above is quite swoon-worthy.

A sleek yet engaging aesthetic draws you in and keeps you engaged through your entire tour.

Tabletop, accessories and new furniture round out the selection of truly lovely antiques.

Mr. Blandings and I spied the "perfect table" for our long living room wall at Black Bamboo during First Fridays, which is our art walk, on a breezy summer evening a few years ago. We'd had a couple of glasses of wine so I deemed buying furniture risky business and declared, "I'll come back."
Foolish, foolish girl. Gone, of course, on Saturday, the mocking "sold" tag swinging jauntily from the drawer handle.

Not one to give up I went back. And back. And back again until the second "perfect" table appeared.

Drop in at 1815 Wyandotte. It's good to mix things up. And while I cannot endorse drinking and driving, drinking and buying is now enthusiastically encouraged.


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