Celebrity Look 4 Less (Reader Request): Kim Kardashian

Style : A reader recently wrote in asking if I could help her recreate this look that Kim Kardashian wore recently. Photo credit is unknown.

I wasn't able to find a skirt exactly like the one she's wearing, but I think this version below from Forever 21 will work as an inspired by option. I also found an all black alternative from Express - click here to view. I also had a request recently to feature more looks for under $100, so this is my first attempt at that (usually I just go for "less" than what the celebrity is wearing, or the best lookalike that is somewhat budget friendly). If you want a site that does ONLY looks for under $100, please check out Dana's blog Fashion Under $100. You can click on any of the items in the photo below to purchase, and outfit details can be found below the image.

Shirt - $29.99 on sale
Skirt - $19.80
Pumps - $49.95
Total cost - $99.74
The shirt featured above is almost sold out, so here are some other alternatives (although some of these may make the outfit cost go up slightly, I wanted to offer other options). Click on any of the photos below to purchase.


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