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I can't quite tell you just how excited I was when a friend {cheers alex!} selflessly introduced me to Crumbelina Bespoke Baking.  I literally was like WOW, who is the creator of such beauty!? Well I know you must be asking the same thing, so to let you in on this secret it's an incredibly talented lady by the name of Danielle.
Let's start with this achingly hip and original Cupcake Rose Dome.  To be honest, it would be enough if it were just a cake with its romantic roses, but there's more to it than meets the eye. It's a collection of individual Rose decorated cupcakes put together in a dome to form a floral centrepiece for your tables. I know - amazing huh?
Aren't these just the cutest? They look like they just want to be picked up and adored... and then scoffed.  I love the cute pearlised chocolate name topper and though it would be mighty cool to have one for each guest that might be a bit impossible {or woth a try asking} instead have a cupcake tower of these beauties with names of the bride and groom at the top.  And what's not to love about the Chanel-esque pattern fondant on the cupcakes or that totally romantic rose decorative icing? It just take cupcakes to an even cuter, chicer level!
Let your guests savour each bite in private and offer them a cupcake favour to take away with them. These bespoke cupcakes are adorned with a personalised ribbon and presented in individual boxes for your guests to enjoy. I'm thinking they might make the perfect midnight snack.

For more information and drooling, visit Crumbelina's website.


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