Inspired by...Shopbop

Style : Shopbop's Leisure class lookbook takes inspiration from past American sportswear, and this outfit (in my opinion) is a modern take on the character Daisy's style in the movie The Great Gatsby.

Here are the actual items seen in the look above (minus the socks, which are sold out but retailed for $15) - there are two pages, so don't forget to scroll over for all of the items. Total cost of this look: $1733.60 (not including the belt, which I wasn't able to find info for)

If you love this vintage, yet modern layered look, I put together a similar outfit that is a bit more budget friendly. Click on any of the photos below to purchase (price information can be found below the photos). I would suggest replacing the black ribbon on the fedora with an ivory one to make it closer to the original version above.

Fedora - $24
Double buckle belt - $9.50
Tank - $10
Lace Skirt - $25.27
Cardigan - $65
Socks - $12
Oxfords - $35.95
Cross body bag - $28.80
Chain bracelet - $13.40
Stacked rings - $4
Leaf necklace - $3.80
Quartz earrings - $16.80
Total cost of outfit: $248.52 (a savings of $1485.08!!)


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