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Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and I will have to completely agree with this.

Michael Kors SS11 was probably one of my favorite collections of the season (Just behind Jil Sander that is) and one of my favorite total looks from that show was undoubtedly the one that Freja was sporting with the golden pants and yeah, I styled them the same, but why change a winning concept? :P

As soon as I saw that show, I knew I was going to try attempt a "gold pants" DIY but due to an overload of work, it was only months and months later that I had the time. Last week I finally sat down and did it and as you probably imagine, I wanted to wear them as soon as possible, in fact, this is one of the DIY's I am most proud of. I am crazy about these pants and if they weren't as flashy as they are, I would try to sneak them into some looks of the day more than once a week, unfortunately or fortunately for me, these pants wont go unnoticed.

P.S- These pants are not the only thing I am DIY'ing from that collection, more to come soon! ;)


Algunos dicen que la imitación es la forma mas sincera de admiración y no podría estar mas de acuerdo.

La colección de Primavera 2011 de Michael Kors fue sin duda una de mis favoritas y desde que vi el look con los pantalones dorados, supe que tenia que aventurarme a hacer un "Hazlo tu misma".

Hace dos semanas, por fin tuve el tiempo de sentarme a coser y este fue el resultado. No te voy a mentir, si por mi fuera, me pondría estos pantalones 2 veces a la semana, pero desgraciadamente o afortunadamente, no pasarían desapercibidos, ¡Espero que les gusten!


Gold pants: Made them myself
Sweatshirt: COS Men
Shoes: MANGO
Watch: Michael Kors


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