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I've been so eager to share this post! Just how killer is this couple? This is Jody and Amy shot by the awesome David McNeil who is a London {Chiswick to be exact} based contemporary wedding photographer.  I love this wedding and portrait shoot  for a number of reasons....

Firstly, because it's a stones throw away from me, with the ceremony taking place at Islington Town Hall and the portrait shots out and about in Smithfields.  Secondly, I really like how Jody and Amy had the wedding their way and have echoed it with their unique style.  I think it's so important to stay true to your own unique style and not be pressured into doing something that isn't you.  As difficult as it is to deal with families and friends input {believe me, I know!} ultimately you need to be 100% happy on your day and this comes from sticking to your guns!
Jody and Amy had a small ceremony with just a few guests followed by a family lunch.  I love this idea as sometimes family can feel a bit neglected and this way you get to spend quality time after the service with those closest to you and best of all over some good food!  They then had a mega portrait session ~ which of course I'm a huuge fan of as these are the shots that you'll treasure forever ~ followed by a great party afterwards.

I think David has captured the day so nicely.  I'm loving Amy's cute n quirky look {that fascinator!!} oh and Jody's pretty much one of the best dressed grooms I've seen so ten out of ten to the boy!  A

If you happen to have spotted the horse's head and thought 'what the...?', it's because they nipped into a fancy dress shop near to where they were shooting ~ gotta love that spontaneity!


David says, "Amy and Jody are exactly the kind of couple I love shooting.  They had everything they wanted on their wedding day - from the intimate ceremony at Islington Town Hall, to Jody’s funky trainers (yay, I have two sets of shoes to shoot!), to the Cuban band that played during their evening reception.  We had loads of fun - during the portrait session Jody put on a horses mask, and there was the biggest queue for the photo booth I’d ever seen!" 

Congratulations Amy and Jody, and thanks to you both and to David for letting me feature  the shots. Now I seriously recommend you head over to David's blog to see more of his fabulous photography work. 


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