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Well well well. Here. It. Is. Last week we all posted a sneaky behind the scenes feature and now, the eagerly anticipated results of the UK wedding bloggers photoshoot at Luella's Boudoir are finally here on London Bride. And there you have little old me... In a super cute wedding dress, balloons a floating all around me and a seriously cool fishtail plait creation atop my head.

The brains behind this whole crazy affair was of course Kat from Rock N Roll Bride. I was massively grateful to be asked by Kat to be involved and although my reaction initially was dubious (there is a reason my profile pic is the size of a pea), I would have quite frankly, been crazy to say no. 

Kat's inspiration for the shoot came as she continued to see lots of fashion bloggers in the U.S modelling for, and promoting new lines of clothing. Instantly loving the idea she knew it could work really well in the UK wedding market and in particular for wedding blogs.  She approached Rachel Atwell, owner of Wimbledon based Luella's Boudoir to see if they could host the shoot and let us bloggers run wild in the shop and luckily she loved the idea.

On the day, I arrived at Luella's a little late (ahem) but was greeted with what I can only describe as organised chaos. Luella's Boudoir was a hub of activity as it was being transformed into a set, with dresses, flowers, lights, make up, cameras and accessories everywhere. It was so exciting to see my fellow blogger babes (because they totally are) undergoing their styling, hair in curlers, and lashes being affixed.

Stylist Kate Barbour whisked me into the changing room with Rachel from Luella's to try on dresses. It was only when I was stood there in my oh-so-attractive nude underwear being tightly zipped up, that I had an Oh, My moment. I'd never tried on a wedding dress you see, and so was a little overcome with the emotion and excitement! We all decided that the 50's prom style suited me the best (weirdly, what I always had in mind) and it also reflected my cute and quirky style that is representative of me and the London Bride blog. Of course, Kate jazzed it up with some large colourful flowers for my hair and some uber cute little gloves, not to mention some red hot shoes. I heart this dress, so girly and fun to wear. For more info on everything that I'm wearing please see the bottom of this feature.

I was in my element as I then got primped and preened within an inch of my life. Although I don't wear a lot of make up, I'm such a fan of strong looks so talented make up artist Alison Cameron gave me a dewy finish with orange lips and fluttering fake lashes and after declaring my undying love for fishtail plaits Elbie Van Eeden set to work on a top bun with a twist, and boy can that girl work a plait. 

Amongst the chaos was the poor only-guy-in-the-shop, Richard from FX Films who was doing a smashing job of getting in the way as we fussed over sashes, earrings and who ate the last of the Percy Pigs. He was also hard at work filming away for the video which you can see below. I absolutely flippin love this video. It sums up the vibe and the atmosphere of the day so well and I can't believe how quickly he put it together. I am now thinking up an excuse to have him film something as it's just so awesome.

Then after watching Kat and Annabel work their magic in front of the camera it was my turn (not a hard act to follow at all, cough cough!). Award winning photographer Lisa Devlin from Devlin Photos and her assistant Amy Bartlam were poised with camera (Hasselblad, to be exact!) and I won't lie - I was dreading posing but they were so lovely and really helpful with direction as otherwise I would have quite likely ended up looking like a corpse on camera. Having the props helped, and it's re-ignited my love affair with balloons. The set was so pretty, it was like standing in an amazing walk in wardrobe with pretty things everywhere. Alison from Pollen Nation had arranged (well, scattered) the most beautiful flowers around and the scent was amazing, so it all added to the fabulous experience.

Without further ado, I want to pay homage to the girls. Oh the girls, the hot, fun, talented blogmates that I am so fond of and had the most fabulous day with. Please click through  to see  each of their fabulous shots and outfits too:  

Kat - Rock N Roll Bride (Rock N Roll) 
Annabel - Love My Dress (Vintage) 
Amma - Beyond Beyond (Modern) 
Alexis - OMG I'm Getting Married (Bridesmaid)
Kelly - Boho Events (Boho)

And here is the AWESOME video of the day, by FX Films

So just to prove that it wasn't all pouting and posing, we did in have quite a giggle...

And now it's all over - this is London Bride's sad face...

All photography courtesy of Devlin Photos

Once again, thanks to the whole team, as let's face it - it wouldn't have happened without all of you, and well done for making a tired, short little blogger look half decent. You are all so fantastic!

Photography Credit: Devlin Photos  
Dresses, accessories, location: Luella’s Boudoir, Wimbledon, London 
Stylist: Kate Barbour 
Hair: Severin Hubert of The Hepburn Collection & Elbie Van Eeden 
Make up: Alison Cameron & Kaz Fernando  
Video: Richard Wakefield of FX Films 
Flowers: Alison Trickey of Pollen Nation

Everything that I am wearing is listed below and available at Luella's Boudoir

Balloon Photographs - Dress: Grace by Charlotte Casadejus £2375 / Hair accessories: Flower corsages from £40 each / Shoes: Freya Rose Red Amore Shoes £255

Group Photographs - Dress: Rose with pale pink sash £1650 by Luella's Boudoir / Accessories: Starlet Brooch £95 by Yarwood-White / Large Frou Frou Flower Headdress by Real Princess Company £220


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