Spring Has Sprung

Style : W Magazine, a feature on bridal jewelry, June, 2008. Bulgari pearl and diamond necklace; Tiffany conch shell, pearl and diamond brooch, Van Cleef & Arpels Tahitian pearl ring.

I did not get around to posting on Tuesday because we had just gotten back from a weekend excursion and then I had a hair appointment Tuesday morning. I take my hair appointments very seriously. My hair isn't awful, but it's far from great and it needs a little handling.
Tiffany, Jean Schlumberger Butterfly Clip.
Shelby gets me. When he runs into me around town the first thing he asks is "How's your hair?" And, generally, I have something to say. My best girlfriends know, I can talk about my hair for a good long time. Since I receive so many magazines at home I intentionally do not buy or subscribe to W so that I have something to read during my two-and-a-half hours in the chair. I mean, we talk a lot, but I like to look at the pictures.
Tiffany, Jean Schlumberger Dalia Clip.

W does great jewelry. And, like Town & Country, they don't do just one feature a month. No. Usually a few and they are all fabulous. This month, they did a great piece on jewelry for spring and it was truly inspiring. (They did another on Oscar de la Renta's new fine jewelry line which debuts this fall - and the pieces are amazing - but I could not find it on-line. Stinkers.)

Tiffany, Jean Schlumberger Bird on a Rock pin. Indeed.
I have a problem sometimes with keeping my look appropriate for my age, but not like you're thinking. I had a brief mid-life crisis that included no scalpels or extra-curricular relationships but did include a need for longer hair and slightly snugger clothing. But, usually, my pendulum swings the other way.
Chanel Fine Jewelry, platinum and diamond ring, Camelia collection.
Especially with jewelry. I like those crazy pins on the shoulder of jackets. Love them. Envy them, want them, pine for them. Big, fat button earrings. Pearls, pearls and more pearls.

Chanel Fine Jewelry, Coco ring.
Also, mature women can wear more jewelry, bigger jewelry, and not look like they are trying too hard. Huge gold chain while on the links? Terrif! Diamonds for lunch with friends? Why not? Shell earrings with the cabochon jewels at the ends at the beach? Naturally.
Mish Jewelry, Lotus. Mish is available in Kansas City at Hall's.

And why not. They earned it. Or someone did anyway and they are reaping the benefits which is A-OK by me.

Mish Jewelry, assorted flower pins. Minimum three suggested.

Stack, pile, twine, pin away. I hear grandmother chic is the new interiors trend. While you're snagging her slipcovers, raid her jewelry box then go to lunch with your friends. You can talk about your hair.


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