Style Me Saturday: NYC Trip

Style : Reader Jess wrote in asking for some cute dresses or tanks/shorts to wear during the day on her upcoming NYC trip. Here's what she wrote in her email...

"We are going to NYC Aug 3-6 for work...we both work for a really nice restaurant/night club and are in the process of opening a chic "cafeteria" style lunch/dinner restaurant. So, what better place to do "research" than NYC?! The problem is that I am a plain kind of girl...I shop at the Gap, Old Navy and Target a lot and wear jeans and a white v-neck at least twice a week. I need some ideas for day time outfits in the city...I just purchased 2 military type dresses from Express that are super cute for the night time, but I'm in need some simple/trendy/comfy dresses or short/tank combos. I have found a few on your website but would love a few more ideas if you have any!"

Here are my suggestions for Jess (click on any of the items in the photos below to purchase/for more information):

I'm currently obsessed with olive green, so I took inspiration from a recent Kim Kardashian outfit for this first one.

A maxi dress is always easy and looks put together.

Love these sateen shorts from Old Navy, and of course...stripes.

A friend of mine has this dress from Target and it is SO adorable in person.

And finally, a dress from American Eagle (click HERE to purchase this item) that could easily go from day to night by changing shoes and accessories.


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