Have Yourself a Merry Little Trunk Show

Style : You might remember from a previous post that I work in an antique shop twice a week. My shop is the sister store of George Terbovich Gallery, a life-style store beyond compare.

George wisely hired Connie Beall more than three years ago to shape the store as an extension of the genius that is his design business. She was the girl for the job.

Now, George likes things a little spare. Clean. Sculptural. But Connie knows, if people are coming into a shop, there needs to be good stuff to buy. Oh, does Connie know.

Connie has transformed a lovely shop into a destination. In addition to the Frances Palmer dinnerware, the distinctive glass, the design books, the dog balls, the cashmere sweaters and leather bags that make you itch to get them on your shoulder, Connie has chosen some wonderful jewelry.

It's a small case, toward the back. You don't have to be a jewelry junky like me to find it. But if you are a jewelry junky, find it you will.

These pieces are currently in the Gallery, all 18 karat gold and sterling silver.

One of the lines that the Gallery represents is Abigail Heche.

I love jewelry. I know some women love clothes or shoes or, what, running and things like that, but I love jewelry. Sure, I love the way it looks, but mostly, I love the way it feels. There's nothing like well-crafted metal and the way it slides on your finger or wrist. The weight of a bracelet is sublime; I wish for so many, that it's an effort to lift my hand.

The glimmer of stones is intoxicating. Abigail gets that. She says finding the right piece of jewelry for a woman is like fitting the glass slipper. Perfection.

But just because I love jewelry, doesn't mean I'm ready to pin the brooch to my shoulder quite yet. The beauty of Abigail's pieces are the quality of the materials and the spirit of the designs.

Young and fresh, like most women, ready for soccer practice and the company holiday party.

Connie carries a selection of Abigail's pieces in the shop, but, you know, it's Christmas. Everything needs to be a little bigger and better this time of year. So we're having a trunk show. Many of Abigail's pieces are one-of-a-kind and she is bringing a Santa-size sack to the shop this weekend. From 6-8 on Friday (Mr. Blandings and I will be there; we'd love to see you) and 10 - 5 on Saturday an amazing selection of her work will be on display in the Gallery. You're going to be out, you know you are. Stop in. Look around. Maybe treat yourself.

After all, if your brother-in-law behaves badly at the family dinner and you need to clutch your pearls, you might as well clutch these.


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