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I was working, you know.  My jaunt to see Bruce Burstert was not all fun and games.  I was hunting and gathering.

The funny thing about antique dealers is, they hunt, they gather, they fall in love, but they seem able to move on.  Pieces that are in their homes stay for a while, then settle in somewhere else.

Bruce had a lot - a lot - of blown glass at the house.  And a lot at the shop.  But I definitely had the feeling that for the right client, the right spot, he would offer up some wares from home.

Bruce told me that he had amassed collections and sold them as a whole.  Packages were arriving while we visited bringing treats from near and far.

His shop is in the basement of the River Reader bookstore, itself a charming destination.  

He has a terrific selection of furniture and it appeared that there were quite a few rugs lurking here and there, piled in the back.  That's always the best place to look.

Was it worth the trip?  You bet.  My only regret was not having more time.

A perfect excuse to go back.

You can visit Bruce's shop in Lexington, Missouri at the River Reader, 1010 Main Street.


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